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Tired of Wet Feet?

Drainage is the Most Important Element to A Successful Landscape

Proper drainage is essential for the success of your landscape or hardscape project. Raising landscape beds, patios and decks allows people to enjoy the outdoor space and creates conditions for plants to thrive.

Our summer rains come in large quantities that back up from our roofs, gutters and paved areas and create run off. At Tommy Todd, our first priority in our design consideration is how to move the water away from your home and into the lawn where it will be absorbed and cleansed before entering the storm sewers and eventually Tampa Bay.

How we achieve this goal, functionally and aesthetically

Downspout Extensions

Downspout Extensions are installed underground in ADS pipe connected to pop-off valves or catch basins. These can be very effective at moving water away from your home’s foundation and landscape beds.


Deco-Drains collect water on horizontal surfaces such as balconies, patios, and pool decks.

Trench Drains

Vehicular trench drains help prevent water from pooling on hardscape surfaces with reverse pitches or low thresholds.

French Drains

French Drains slowly absorb surface water through porous pipes and gravel trenches to help improve drainage in areas that are relatively flat with little pitch to move and percolate water away from building foundations and swales between homes.