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Irrigation Installation St Petersburg FL

Water – The Most Important Element

The most important factor in the success of your landscape is water—where does it go and where does it come from? Can you get the proper amount of water to the plant roots without over-watering? At Tommy Todd Landscape & Design our highly skilled irrigation technicians will design an irrigation installation St Petersburg, FL that will fit your project and create an easily programmable schedule appropriate to your plant pallet and seasonal changes. When you are ready for an irrigation installation St Petersburg, FL system, ask us for an innovative automatic control panel and suitable number of zones for your project.

Use micro-irrigation hoses.

These hoses can lie above ground or slightly buried and allow for water to seep through to a plant’s roots.

Make the most out of rainwater.

Turn downspouts from rain gutters towards areas with planting. Rainwater can also be collected and stored in a rain barrel for dry spells.

Mow your grass to the right height.

The higher the grass, the more extensive the root system becomes. Grass with deeper roots is more drought-resistant. If the grass is mowed very short, it will put most of its energy into growing new leaf blades, and less energy into growing a root system (root system will be shallow). So don’t mow your lawn too short.

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