Limited Warranty for Services


We will replace any plant that dies within 90 days (1 year for trees) from installation, providing they have received adequate watering and care. No warranty on transplanting of customers’ plants. SOD AND PLUG LIMITED WARRANTY – 30 days from installation. No Warranty without automatic sprinkler system.

Irrigation System

1 Year warranty on all materials and labor. Not responsible for water quality, pressure, volume, staining or high salt content.

Paver Installation

1 year warranty on all materials and labor. Only items specified in the quote are included. The integrity, compaction and type of sub-based material which lies below the base specified in our quote is the responsibility of others. Therefore any settling which originates below our base material is not warranted by us.

No warranty applies to damage due to vandalism, theft, high winds, severe rains or freezing temperatures. Not responsible for damage to irrigation, underground utilities, electrical outlets or other obstructions, whether located or not due to improper protection and/or depth of burial. Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Designs are the sole property of Tommy Todd Landscape and design and can not be used or reproduced unless purchased from and released by Tommy Todd Landscape and Design.

Buyer’s Right to Cancel

This is a home solicitation sale and if you do not want the goods or services, you may cancel our agreement by mailing a notice to the seller: Tommy Todd Landscape and Design, 5017 Haines Road North St. Petersburg, Fl 33714. This notice must indicate that you do not want the goods or services and must be postmarked before midnight of the third business day after you sign the agreement. If you cancel the agreement, the seller may keep all or part of any cash down payment, not to exceed the lesser of 5 percent of the cash value or $50.00