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Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate Your Yard

There is something magical when the sun sets and your night-time illumination takes it’s queue. This well orchestrated crescendo transforms your landscape, home and outdoor living space by bringing out the subtleties of the structural and architectural elements.

Outdoor lighting can transform the dark and ominous to friendly and familiar. Reshape a yard and gardens into a softly lighted sanctuary. Make an entry warm and welcoming or a walkway more safe and secure.

A thoughtful lighting design will bring out the beautiful features of your home.  Notice how the grazing up-light on stone and brick work pops with a grazing up-light.  Lighting at entryways and porches will serve to welcome your guests.  Be sure to consider light to enhance decorative plantings and landscape features within the light portrait.   You will enjoy your beautiful home in a new way after darkness falls.

We work closely with Premier Outdoor Lighting and their design staff to create breathtaking results. Their professional installation with state-of the-art energy efficient lighting components adds the finishing touch to our beautiful landscape projects. The illumination they design is subtle yet striking with moonlighting large trees, up-lighting specimen palms and accent lighting your home’s architectural features. Pathways, patios, pool decks and docks connect your outdoor spaces and lighting adds security and ambiance for entertaining and relaxation.

  • Residential Lighting: Softly lighted outdoor getaways for everyday soothe your spirits and offer year-round comfort, beauty, safety and security.
  • Vacation Home Lighting: Light a restful retreat, a fun family escape, a personal haven, right here in Florida.
  • Outdoor Security Lighting: Enjoy beautifully lighted property that also offers continuous and reliable nighttime security and greater peace of mind!
  • Commercial and Large Property Lighting: Accentuate the beauty of your grounds and gardens while increasing safety and security with lighting specifically engineered for your every need.