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We work very closely with Freestyle Pools & Spas, Inc. when including a new or remodeled pool in our landscape and hardscape plans. Freestyle handles the pool permitting, shell construction, plumbing, electrical, inside pool finish, automated equipment, tile, and coping. We install the new deck (travertine, flagstone, clay brick or concrete pavers) along with deco drains to handle surface water runoff.

This company, like ours, focuses on honesty, integrity and superb craftsmanship. This gives our clients a seamless, timely construction project from start to finish.

Material Options:

Travertine Pavers
Travertine makes a very cool deck surface that has timeless elegance when installed in the French (Asher) square pattern. The large pieces with varying sizes tend to expand the feeling of space in small decks. When properly installed your travertine pool deck will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and value.

Clay Brick Pavers
Clay Brick Paving is a solid investment in any application. Because of the natural texture of the clay brick paver’s surface they are skid and slip resistant. The interlocking nature of this material ensures that as the earth moves the product pattern will shift in concert. Any damage that may occur to one brick is as simple to repair as taking up the damaged piece and replacing it with a new one. There will be no need to worry about color matching as it’s color will never fade nor the finish diminish. They are easy to clean and because they come from the natural clays in the earth’s soil, are an environmentally sound choice to make.

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